Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting Around to the Friday Self-Portrait

I'm a little slow on the uptake posting this photo
because I had something else in mind to post on Friday
before I remembered Nina's self-portrait day.
And then there's Sepia Saturday,
always a fun thing to participate in,
so this is the first opportunity
to focus

on me.

I like this photo because:

I was feeling sassy that day

the sky was blue
and the sun was out
and I was having fun window shopping

I looked fashionable in my blue jeans,
 tailored white shirt, 
and brown leather jacket
(or at least that's my story
and I'm stickin' with it)

it looks like the scarf in the window
is hanging over my shoulder
and I'm no dummy

You can see how long my hair is

I could be any woman because 
my face doesn't show
so it's me but not necessarily me
and that fits with my belief
that all women are sisters
under the skin

I think I look taller and skinnier
than I really am and that's an illusion
I'm willing to live with



Martin H. said...

Just goes to prove that we can catch sight of ourselves in a shop window without running, screaming!

Bee said...

It IS a really cool picture.
"Sassy" is a great state of mind.

steven said...

meri that's a clever picture. "sassy" hmmmm i wonder what the boy equivalent state of that is? steven

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Okay!! I'll try to have a sassy celebration.

Fun post Meri.

Golden West said...

I thought the scarf was part of your ensemble - I like the composition of your picture with the window grid behind - really well done!

beth said...

come on....sassy girls don't hide in the glass of the store windows, they dance in the streets.....come out come out from wherever you are......

Meri said...

Martin - I remember a few years ago when I fasted for weeks in the quest to be a size 4, I'd see my reflection in a shop window and not realize it was me. It took a while for the mind to catch up with the body.

Bee, Steven and Bonnie - Sassy is a great state of mind. Could the male equivalent be frisky? We all need to be sassy celebrants more often.

Golden West - the grid does center and anchor things, though it was not intentional.

Beth - I think sassy girls JUMP so that you can take portraits of them.

rebecca said...

love this.
love you.
love the we are all sisters under the skin.

love that you are loving yourself.
(that's the perfect kind of sassy!)


Colette said...

I love this one Meri. It feels so close eventhough we can't 'see you' .

Eryl Shields said...

Great shot. I love the contradictions: the scarf looks like you are wearing it but you're not; the trees and sky reflected at the bottom not the top; there seems to be two of you.

Debbie said...

I love being sassy myself! Very nice!

Delwyn said...

Hi Meri

I loved the portrait and you do look as if you have been stretched...
sassy gals and gung ho boys

Happy days

Anonymous said...

Fun reflection of you ... love your 'sassiness' and celebratory vibes!
Hugs and blessings,

kendalee said...

Great shot all on its own - even better with your description of why you love it!

Rettabug said...

What a cool photo! I did a double-take at the scarf's placement, too.

I'm very impressed with your talented photography & will now spend the next hour perusing your beautiful blog.
Thanks for sharing that talent with the world.