Sunday, September 20, 2009

Todos Santos and Hotel California

After being disappointed
with Cabo San Lucas,
a place with unbelievably tacky tourist shops
and time share salesmen that were apparently
trained at Guantanamo,

we headed down to the marina
on Tuesday and got two car rental offices
engaged in a bidding war to rent us a mid-size car
so we could head up the coast to Todos Santos.

We'd been led to believe that Todos Santos was
a treasure trove of galleries
and home to the Hotel California
of Eagles song fame.

Well, not quite.

There were a couple of galleries in town
(one was even open)
and a bunch of shops, filled with folk art
and glassware, catering to tourists.

There were some pretty things
and even some pretty racy things
(like shot glasses that were X rated)
and a whole lot of ho-hum things.

It was clear that departed artist Frida Kahlo
is a heroine to the Mexican people

because we saw more of her
(and that rascal Diego to some extent)
than we did the Virgin Mary.

And there IS a Hotel California,
an establishment with a covered walkway
outside that Adrienne is pictured on below.

But alas,
it's not THE Hotel California.

That this little inn was the inspiration
for the Eagles song was a myth
started by an enterprising businessman
who thought it was a good way to put Todos Santos
on the map and attract tourists who love the Eagles.

Well hey,
it worked.

We drove through the desert for 90 minutes
each way
to see the Hotel California.

Such a lovely place.
But more about that later.

And more about the truly wonderful
little place we found in Todos Santos,
right across the street from the myth.

Maybe tomorrow.
In the meantime,
sit back and enjoy

Hotel California.


Rosaria Williams said...

Don't forget to buy something you like. Once you leave, that item will not be available easily anywhere else.

poefusion said...

Looks like you're enjoying yourselves. The Hotel California pic made the place look rather nice considering.

The pool below looked relaxing and what a view. Hope things continue to go well. Have a great day.

Delwyn said...

Hi Meri

a bit of an adventure huh searching for the holy grail...

If you forget that Don Henly is a bit of a wanker you can really love the Eagles...
We often fill the house with their sound...and sights via DVD concerts...

Happy days

kt said...

i would buy one of those plates for sure the colors are so vibrant. kt