Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Self Portrait Wednesday

It's been a while since I posted a self-portrait
on Wednesday
in the tradition started by Misty Mawn.

Is anyone still playing along?

I hope so.

These "self-portrait" posts, difficult as they are at first
because you're exposing yourself to strangers,
are just marvelous.

I just love reading these posts
on other people's blogs.
They're so telling, so revealing.

The pictures show us one way of looking at you.
The words tell us who you think you are,
what you think about whatever it is you're thinking about,
what emotions bubble to the surface
when you're unguarded.

But I also think that in a very significant way,
all of my posts are self-portraits
because they give you a glimpse of
how the world looks through my eyes,
what seems worthy of mentioning,
where a stray thought leads me
as I meander in my mind.
Yours reveal yourself in the same way.

I hope my posts
also give you a hint of my humor
and show me
in all my glory.

But if not. . .

here's a portrait of me (tee hee).

I saw in it in Mexico,
but don't remember posing for it.
And I have no clue who the artist was.

Strange. . .

A Damiana Margarita
may have overcome my inhibitions
and erased my memory.

Don't you love my blue shoes?


poefusion said...

what a wonderful way to show yourself and mexico in the same post. thanks for sharing.


Bagman and Butler said...

Great and courageous sense of humor. Bagman, of course, wants a date.

PixieDust said...

Oh, you are adorable! And, yes those blue shoes are rockin'!


How lovely that you stopped by my blog so that I may visit you here. I completely agree with your take that every post is a self-portrait - it is very revealing about what we see, and what we hold dear, yes?


beth said...

you crack me up !!!
and guess who I get to hug and play with tomorrow and friday ???
that fab misty mawn herself....yippee !!!

~JarieLyn~ said...

I find your sense of humor refreshing. I like the post and I am laughing too because I am sure the image is a distored view of yourself.

Meri said...

Jarie-Lyn: You're right. My boobs are bigger, my thighs smaller, my hair lighter and not so long. And alas, I have no blue shoes though with all the blue in my wardrobe, I might have to address that deficiency. But I'm NOT buying a sheer bikini, despite Bagman's protestations.

karen said...

Your goooorgeous girl! Your posts are glorious~and funny! I tend to be comfortably a Chameleon...and i love it. Here in blogland it seems less categorized and free flowing...less inhibited...where else can you totally expose yourself! (((giggles)))

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the heads up on Cabo.

Delwyn said...


I see what you mean about not returning home svelte...

Happy days

julochka said...

i admire your affinity for the teeny weeny bikini. :-) you're funny.