Thursday, September 24, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a while,

once in a

so to speak,

the stars align just perfectly
and Heaven smiles down upon you
with an ear to ear grin

and bestows upon you get the opportunity
you never thought you'd get.

There on those slender branches
reaching for the sky
outside the upper floor window
just beyond the monitor

right there on those rain-kissed branches
whose leaves hold onto droplets
that sparkle like diamonds,

you discover that your little friend has come to call.
And miracle of miracles,
he allows you to reach out and grab the camera
sitting next to you. . . .

not only that, he waits for you to focus
even though he's wondering why
you're such a fumble-fingers.

When you're ready

he shivers and his feathers fluff
just the tiniest bit,
so you can see all the glorious colors on his back.

Then he turns
and looks over his shoulder

as if to say,
"Are you watching?"

and flutters his wings
so fast the camera's focus can't keep up

just to show off his wingspeed.

Then he asks,

would you like another view?
I'll show you my beak in profile

and even turn around so you can see
my adorable face.

I'll lift my chin just a bit
so you can see my iridescent crimson markings.

You can't see them very well?

Oh all right then,
here you go.

Then he blows you a kiss

gives you a wink,
and he's off.

So you give thanks

for miracles
that come when you least expect them
and get out your bucket list

and mark off

"Get a picture of a hummingbird
on the tree outside my little office."


karen said...

Lucky you! Fantastic photos. I think Hummingbirds are magical.

Delwyn said...

Hi Meri

you have been blessed

I love your story line too...

Happy days

Unknown said...


I think the moment came because you were open to it. Too many people rush through their lives and don't see the miracles in front of them every day.

All the best!

Bagman and Butler said...

Oooh...the hummingbirds are incredible. Amazing to have caught one in repose.

rebecca said...

my darling...
we are both posting miracles today, and you are on mine!!!

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

your pictures are awsome but then your words are so witty and made me smile big!!!
thank YOU!
i believe in miracles too. ;-)

julochka said...

he is completely gorgeous!!!

mouse (aka kimy) said...


I was ecstatic a couple weeks ago to simply glimpse at a hummer as it flew by the back porch, to have been with your little guy to capture all these snaps - what a blessing!

love the prose accompanying your divine pics

Anonymous said...

oh love, love, love this. what a beautiful find! :)

beth said...

wow wow wow....
were his wings rain soaked making it too hard to fly ?


JP/deb said...

Wonderful one to cross of the bucket list!!

You got some AMAZING shots! Thanks for sharing :)


ELK said...

such a wonderful item to cross of the list...breathtaking images meri.

Gina said...

Glorious capture of the elusive hummingbird! Nature can give us such unexpected gifts; thank you for sharing.