Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wednesday Self Portrait (on Saturday)

So Wednesday
I was thinking deep thoughts
and didn't really have time
to post another Wednesday self-portrait.

On Thursday, I saw 500 Days of Summer,
a great little quirky romance-goes-down-in-flames
starring Joseph Gordon-Leavitt and Zooey Deschanel.
Bittersweet screenplay, aptly cast, great music.

On Friday, I visited the hair salon
and then joined the Ladies Who Lunch bunch.
Since I'm crazy enough to drive almost two hours
to see the same hairdresser I've had for 16 years,
that took all day. No time to post.

This afternoon, I saw Adam, a lovely film
starring Hugh Dancy (of The Jane Austen Book Club)
and Rose Byrne. It's a sweet and tender yarn about
an ill-fated romance between a man
with Asperger's syndrome and a woman without.
The performances are emotionally potent
and the music in the film is amazing, too.

But this evening,
I had a little time to play.

Here's my self-portrait.

Sorry Zooey. I know I'm not a gorgeous 20-something.
But you're out and now
it's all about ME.


rebecca said...

i love it when you make me
right out loud!


Anonymous said...

this is too funny. i am waiting for that film to come here and now that i know you are starring in it, it is a must see:) kt

Anonymous said...

i love that you were thinking deep thoughts on wednesday so much so that you didnt have time to post :)

Delwyn said...

Hello Meri

Now I'll be watching for that movie...the one with Meri in...

Happy days

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

It should have been you . . . what am I saying, it IS you! I think an oscar is in the works.

Bee said...

I've heard it's a great movie. I like the way you inserted yourself into the poster (and why not?).

ELK said...

oh what a hoot...i did not know i was blogging with the stars!

misty said...

i so wanted to see this over the weekend, but there was too much going on...another day maybe.
love your sp, very cool! xo

poefusion said...

Hope you enjoyed your hair salon appointment and the meeting with your friends. Absolutely love the self portrait. :)

Hope all is well.