Monday, August 17, 2009

A Plea for Words

I have a confession.

I collect words.

I hoard phrases
that catch my attention
as my eyes skim across a page.

I make hostages of word families
that stroll along the paths in my mind.

Like these:

* * * *
dissecting her own demented time
fractured and quivering hearts amplify
dragons at the gate

hope's hostage

soaring aloft on an updraft of love
to the fresh light of resurrection

emerging from the shadow of your darkness
* * * *

When I'm bursting with the urge to write,
I pull them out and let them
arrange themselves poetically.

Right now, I'm running a little low.
I haven't been catching words before they run away.

Do you have words lying around,
not being used, filling up a page or two
in a catch-all journal
that you might share with me?

Some of you pluck such beautiful words
right out of your imaginations
and paste them on the page,
like the Creator hanging stars on the sky.

Sweetest in the Gale,
Beth, Elk, Relyn,
Deb, Kat (Poetikat)
Michelle (Poefusion)
and Reya.

Let's trade words and phrases.
Feel free to borrow mine
and see where they lead you.


poefusion said...

Hello Meri~ You are so kind to include me with these wonderful writers. Thank you so much.

You have some great books on your shelf like Poemcrazy and Bird by Bird. I haven't read Siddhartha but, am curious is it a good read? I've been wanting to get that one for awhile now.

I don't have words to share at this moment but I will keep you in mind. I never know where I will get inspiration from. Today's word that stuck with me is stowed. Not very poetic, huh?

Off topic... that Eiffel Tower statue you have resembles the one I have. I got it from King's Island (an amusement park in Ohio).

Hope all is well. Have a great Monday~

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

Do I collect words?
Check my journal picture in my blog Today, they are words from the book Women who run with wolves


will said...

Funny coincidence, I was about to have a garage sale of words I don't want.

A partial list includes

and Worry

Feel free to take one or all, I'm in a sharing mood.

beth said...

I do the same thing with words....I've gotten hooked on buying poetry books at the used book sale at our library and then I sit and read and underline and read some more....

and recently a few novels I have read have been full of words, metaphors, phrases.....that just fit so perfectly in my heart....

I often go back and use them as references when I get stuck and usually they give me that jumping off point I'm looking for !!

Anonymous said...

i completely agree with you on most of those lovely writers you have selected. the others - i am not aware of. so thank you to bringing them to my attention - i shall go have a look at their lovely words now.

rebecca said...

i have been away...
just resurfacing.
mentioned among

painters with words....