Monday, August 24, 2009

Moments Fixed in Time

Are there some images
fixed in your mind,
a photo-catalogue of the imagination,
of events that had significance
in your life?

Those split seconds
where you noticed something amazing,


in which everything was changed irrevocably?

The instant in which something

changed your life completely:

everything once whole was broken

or everything broken restored to wholeness

The moment a birth changed you
from just a person to "parent,"

the Moon Landing,

the days in which Space Shuttles exploded
either coming or going,
a horror that was replayed in video
over and over again until you were numb
but the images were indelibly impressed in your psyche?

the assassination of political leaders
(JFK, Bobby, MLK, Benazir Bhutto)

a first kiss

news about the death of someone close to you

a marriage proposal


catching site of the Eiffel Tower for the first time

that your prayers have been heard and answered
even if in ways you never anticipated

It seems like our lives are full of touchpoints ,
moments in which we take it all in,
instances in which we're fully present to wonder or horror,

no more important cosmically perhaps
than any other moment
except for the meaning we ascribe to certain ones.

What's in your memory bank?


Rosaria Williams said...

A toughpoint moment was the time when I changed my perception about a relationship. We can work things out only if we are both wishing for the same ideals. Without those conmon goals, no relationship can survive.

(I was thinking about your previous post with this one.)

Delwyn said...

Hi Meri

I am going to think about this one...

I have the usual - the moon landing, JFK's death, births, death, arrivals and departures...

but let me mull over it and allow the unconscious some time to do it's thing...

Happy days

Anonymous said...

when i saw your title, without actually reading the post, the first thing that came to my mind was the first kiss. but having read it, i'm thinking a lot more things now, and i think i might develoo it into a post of my own. will keep you posted :)

poefusion said...

MyKiah's birth was incredible and my second marriage.

9- 11 shook me to my core then because I had/ have friends living in NY. It was terrifying not being able to get in touch with them for some time.

There's a few others I'm sure but, I'd be here all night if I kept listing everything. :)

Hope all is well.