Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Favorites (Self-Portrait Wednesday)

When I looked at this picture,
taken in the "Venice room"
a/k/a my powder room,
called the Venice room because
of the carnival masks and
art on the walls

the words that leapt to mind were:

Procol Harum
A Whiter Shade of Pale.

No particular reason why.
I must have slipped the light fandango
whatever that means.

It was never my favorite.

Here are some of my favorite things:

St. John perfume, followed closely by Hanae Mori and Vera Wang -
having a camera in my hands - soft white cotton hankies with lace -
writing in flow - a delivery from Amazon - independent bookstores -
well-done chick flicks - live musical theater - popcorn with real butter -
Moody Blues tune: Go Now - that soft, silvery shade that
hovers between blue and green like the waters close to the shore
in the Caribbean - sweet peas - reading my blog friends' posts - watching
the neighborhood eagle fish - arranging flowers - Diet Coke with Lime-
Pacific Northwest summers - rocking babies - silver jewelry -
Leona Lewis - books whose language is so rich you could get lost in it -
clean sheets - aha moments - the company of my kids - salads -
Italian food - Venice - wild birds - chai in thin-walled china mugs -
Arcopedico shoes -
finding the perfect present for someone I love -
puffy little clouds - golden raspberries right off the bush -
Seahawks football on tv - Art Wolfe and Barbara Cole's photography -
getting lost in thought - hummingbirds - perfect light -
the sound of laughter - fluffy towels - Haagen-Daz Reserve
Fleur de Sel caramel & sea salt ice cream (sinfully delicious)-
reading children's books out loud to kids - the smell of books -
anticipating my upcoming trips - word play - family gatherings -
expensive fountain pens even though I'm left-handed -
decorating for Christmas - perfectly fitting bras with padded straps
that stay put - light bouncing off water - capturing reflections -
encountering people in love - ornate Venetian carnivale masks -
autumn leaves - sunny winter days - when wishes come true.

And so much more.

We're all so multi-faceted.

Made up of lovely little bits,
of likes and dislikes,
native abilities and hard-won skills.

Tell me what you love.
Don't be shy.


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

Meri: I don't have to!!! You've named them all for me . . . I revel in all those things too and found the smile on my face widening as I read your list. Thank you!!!!

larkspur said...

A woman after my own, Coke with lime!

Rosaria Williams said...

Oh, I just walked in and was trapped in this enchanted story of you. I have to think about me a bit before I can spout stuff out.

Pacific Northwest summers? Yes!

will said...

of life

The quest
The journey
The effort
And discovery

of things

Fine tools
Good art
The cutting edge

of people

Verbal dexterity

christina said...

love and books and family.
you have named more than a few of my favorites.
: )

~JarieLyn~ said...

Okay Meri, I also love Vera Wang perfume. Some of my favorite things include the following: Michael Kors perfume, Jessica Mcclintock perfume; walking in the park, the smell of rain, fresh cut grass and pine trees. I also love the smell of alfalfa, and logs burning in a fireplace or wood stove. I love Christmas and baking and buying gifts for people. I love writing letters and reading love letters, vintage postcards, quotes, books, journals, music and dancing. I too love expensive writing instruments. I love walking through antique stores and exploring quaint little towns. Reading blogs and learning about what inspires other people. So many more.........

You's been said that left handed people are more intelligent than right handed people. I think it has been scientifically proven.

Caroline said...

Such good things you enjoy! I would have to stay very far away from that ice cream! Although Dark chocolate covered carmel with sea salt is my favorite thing in the whole world!

ELK said...

oh wow that is a comprehensive list of happy things...I had not thought of that song in years, what a marvelous sp meri

beth said...

many of my loves are your loves...

although I do love a warm hand that lifts my chin up so that my eyes can see who's looking at me without being distracted...

Meri said...

Bonnie: kindred spirits!

Larkspur: Diet Coke with Lime is the only soda I drink, but I actually preferred Diet Lemon Coke until Co-Cola discontinued it.

Lakeviewer: glad you joined us in the Pacific NW.

Bill, Christina: great lists.

Jeri-Lyn: so many similarities and I'm guessing you're a lefty too.

Caroline: Fran's makes great Fleur de Sel chocolates with a caramel center. Yum!

Elk: Thanks. I don't know why Procol Harum popped into my head, but the list of favorites was fun. Go Now was my favorite of the Moody Blues tunes, but there are so many other songs by other groups that could substitute.

Beth: Oh . . . such a sweet gesture, if done with love and a soft touch.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I just love this - and so many of the things you listed I love as well -- beautiful interesting post!

poefusion said...

I love that picture Meri. And Leona Lewis, great singer. I love sweet tea, cherry dr. peppers (fountain/ can), spending time with my husband and daughter, going to the bookstore, Outback restaurant, nature, sunshine, blue skies, handwritten letters/ postcards, etc... my goodness I could keep going. Have a great night.

Delwyn said...

Hi Meri

I agree with many on your list, but have to add A Whiter Shade of Pale...

and ask you about the Diet coke with lime...What is sounds terrible...

Happy days

Meri said...

Everybody: Go to Amazon and type in Kathryn Magendie's name. You'll find her recently published novel that's getting great reviews. I've ordered it and my book club will likely make it the next selection for the early October discussion. Hope we can persuade her to interact with us for that discussion.(Thanks, Kathryn).

Michelle: love your list, though I'm not big on Dr. Pepper Cherry since cherry flavors's not a big favorite of mine. Sweet tea, though, is great particularly flavored tea like raspberry or peach or mango.

Delwyn: Ahh.... you must not have Diet Coke with Lime in Australia. It's diet coke with a hint of lime flavoring. And obviously, even if it wasn't my favorite, A Whiter Shade of Pale was obviously burned in my mind. I did enjoy going to You-Tube and watching videos of Procol Harum.

Lynne said...

loved your list, and to discover even more similarities between us!

I'd add the peace of the mountains, spending time with my sons and sleeping late on Saturday mornings (by which I mean until at least 8am!)

Kathryn Magendie said...

Meri! I would love to interact! just let me know when and we'll figure out the rest - I love love love book clubs! *big smile*

Thank you!

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, I love, love, love this perfect post!

I also love:

~ when my sleeping cat falls off the bed - who knew cats did that?
~ the face of someone newly in love
~ honeymoon couples
~ allergy medicine so I don't feel awful any more
~ a big stack of library books
~ exclamation points
~ talking about a really great book with a friend
~ family snuggles
~ women of courage
~ laughing

and you.