Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Sign from the Universe

I know a lot of you believe
that the Universe sends us little messages
through ordinary things.

And who knows, maybe that's true.

The other day, I stopped at a bistro
to grab a quick bowl of soup
because I was starving but wanted
to make a film that started in only half an hour
so anything else was out of the question..

The host, hearing my time crunch issue,
said to sit anywhere and he'd grab me a bowl
of the soup of the day personally.

So I headed to the back,
where they display local artists' work
and there's a great view of Commencement Bay.

And he brought me a bowl of delicious mushroom soup
and some strawberry lemonade.
As soon as I dipped my spoon, I noticed
"the sign. "

It was a perfect little heart, a mushroom heart.
All the other bits of mushrooms were ovals
or just bits and pieces.

So I thought, "Well, obviously, given my posts lately,
this has to be a sign from the universe."

The question is,
is the Universe telling me

"Take heart."


"Eat your heart out."


I mean,
it's somewhat ambiguous.

But I didn't eat the little guy.

Didn't want to risk
destroying a sign from the Universe.
Even if it did leave me guessing.

What signs from the Universe
have clamored for your attention?

ps. I guess it could also mean,
"You find love in the most unexpected places,
when you weren't even looking for it."

Maybe I should write inserts
for fortune cookies.


Susan Tuttle said...

what a perfect sign -- for sure!


Rosaria Williams said...

We humans want so much to see order and signs in the universe; we should be called 'orderly'.

larkspur said...

That little guy is telling you something...be patient, it is coming your way. When you least expect it, love will be waiting for you, Meri.

~JarieLyn~ said...

What an adorable little sign. Maybe it's all the talk about the Love of Your Life. Who knows, the real love of your life may be entering your life very soon. Maybe it's a sign to be open and ready to receive love.

I'm just a sentimental fool.

Thanks for the email regarding the glass making.

Kathryn Magendie said...

After a friend of mine was murdered, I kept seeing hearts everywhere - in the most unusual places and ways -- I always wondered if she was saying hello--and now, when I see them, I wonder....

I have heart-shaped rocks-rocks I've found that are in heart shapes *smiling*

wonderful post

d smith kaich jones said...

Oh yeah. I get this. How perfectly wonderful - can't wait to see what the Universe brings.

:) Debi

beth said...

this put a smile on my face !!
signs....oh I'm such a huge believer in signs and this one holds a big one...you'll know for sure what it means when you stop thinking about it :)

Bagman and Butler said...

Now it all makes sense...you are truly blessed

Keuter said...

love is all around you. love this post. kt

Caroline said...

That is wonderful! The universe send us signs all the time...it's just a matter of noticing. And I think you did a great job at that :)

poefusion said...

what a delightful post. the sign that i was given 12 yrs ago was a heartshaped seashell on my honeymoon with John. i told him we'd always have love if we didn't have anything else. and yes, i still have that seashell. it's my most prized possession. and we're still married.

in your case though i think you're simply going to fall madly in love again. just you wait and see.

rebecca said...

i would have had to slip that sign
right into my mouth.
closed my eyes,
and savored its very essence.
taken it in hook, line and sinker
for it's cellular gift.
i sense
you will be swimming in




Relyn Lawson said...

You're right. You should write the inserts for fortune cookies. Just think how much happier everyone would be.

julochka said...

i love signs like that. i do think it was a message. one to look out for love, tho' i like what you said about taking heart. why couldn't it be both?

日月神教-向左使 said...
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