Haiku My Heart: Contest

red pink magenta
competing for attention
which is prettiest


carol l mckenna said…
Gorgeous photo and thought provoking haiku ~ thanks

Happy Day to you ~ ^_^
rebecca said…
thank you for this burst of colorful abundant life!!! thank you also for your comment this morning. it is a dark morning as 24 million (this number is predicted to rise) stand to loose their health insurance to pay for the tax breaks of the richest of the rich. this privileged 1 percent celebrates while countless hearts and souls are crushed. everyone and everything seems to be on the chopping block- sacrificed for the privileged few. thank goodness the sun rises and birds return to the open sky. thank goodness tiny seeds burst open in the warming earth and the world keeps spinning and you are here, a bright haiku of comfort on a dark dark day. xo
Lea said…
Oh, the words of your haiku Meri!!!
J C said…
Such a beautiful field of flowers. There is no contest. They all win.
gma said…
I love driving by fields such as these. The symmetry and color are mesmerizing.
foxysue said…
We all stand in lines
petals basking in love's sweet
Mark said…
A dazzling scene...both your words and photo!

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