Fake News and Illusory Values

What with all the fake news circulating
and reporters being excluded from the WH press room,
it feels like some of our most cherished freedoms
are under attack,
what I think of as our closely held values
are being turned inside out,
and I feel demoralized.


Annie Jeffries said…
I share your feeling and have felt demoralized by our leadership for many years. I checked out on news and, television, in particular, years ago. Oh, I am not totally out of the news loop. That wouldn't be smart. But, criticism and exclusion of reporters and media is nothing new either. I wish it would all stop but since that is unlikely, in our contentious society, I will simply continue to stay out of the fray and just do what I can to affect good in my little corner of the world. Be at peace, Meri.

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