Art Journal Pages # 34

It's been a while since I worked in my "real" art journal,
the one I collage and draw in after having painted
the watercolor paper pages with liquid watercolors.
Well. . .  painted is probably not an accurate depiction,
since I usually saturate a wadded up paper towel 
and smear the damp paint on,
or maybe sponge it on.

And then wait.
And wait.
Waiting for the page to dry.

Then I begin to glue various things onto pages
with Yes paste or acrylic gel medium.

And wait again.

It can sometimes take two or three days
to find just the right things
for the page, adhere them, and wait for the layer to dry
so I can build in the next one.

Meanwhile, the thickness of my art journal
expands like an unruly waistline.

Digital art journaling,
on the other hand,
is much tidier. And quicker.
And just as layered and nuanced.

I make these babies on
If you're interested in learning how,
email me (

I'm developing a tutorial
for a presentation on creativity and coaching
that I'm giving in early May,
focusing on how to be more creative
in coaching clients,
how to nurture yourself with creative endeavors,
and how to make your marketing materials
more unique by creating your own images
for websites, business cards, brochures, etc.

Even though you might not be a coach,
you can test drive the instructions
and let me know where you're confused
or frustrated.


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