Astrological Profile

So. . . according to the time and place of my birth,
my Sun is in Virgo.
My Moon is in Scorpio.
My rising sign (Ascendant) is in Aries.

I tend toward perfectionism and can be critical,
sometimes directing it at others
but mostly toward myself.

I have emotional depth and when I fall in love,
I'm totally committed and expect the same of my Beloved
(though my secret fear is betrayal).

I like being active and my mind is quick.
Knowledge is important to me,
as is mastery of things that interest me.
I tend to dive into things headfirst
and sometimes I let myself go hogwild. . .
and wear myself out.
And often, once I know as much about something
as I need to know, I lose interest
and am off to the next shiny thing.

What's your profile?
(And I know that the good stuff applies,
but the bad stuff is just so much bunk.)


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