True Words Tuesday: Consequences

The stuff of memoir. . . .
a slice of one person's life
that speaks to the experience of others.

Who has been so protected
or disconnected
that they've never felt disconsolate?

How do you get "over it"
without losing some precious part of yourself
capable of

Loving with Abandon

 p.s. Today, I'm confronting disappointment.
Someone put a contract on the house I fell in love with,
warts and all. I was going to meet my remodeling guru there
this afternoon, but my real estate agent emailed me
that the house showed up as "pending" sale this morning.



ellen abbott said…
oh, man, I know how you feel. when we first started looking for a house in the country, we found one that was it for me and very reasonably priced, with the eat in kitchen I have always wanted, two bedrooms downstairs and an upstairs with two more that could be closed off, had it's own air and heating systems, a covered patio in the back. the widow who owned it was moving to live with her daughter. someone else put a contract on it before we could but since it had not been shown to the lady yet because she was out of town we also tendered a contract for more than the previous one. but the remaining family pressured her to take the one for less money because the guy was a friend of the family. I was crushed. The funny thing is that the house we did eventually buy several years later is at the other end of the same road. no eat in kitchen, no covered patio, but we do really like this house and are happy here. but, given the opportunity, I would probably ditch this one for that one. maybe.

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