Tutorial on Creating Altered Digital Images

Deb C asked for a tutorial
on how to create altered digital images.

It’s easy, really.
Here’s a step by step guide.

1. Pick a photo and begin. I'll show you two originals -- 
one with lots of details, one that's pretty simple 
and graphic so you can compare the filter effects.

2. Open it in a program that has artistic filters. 
The most popular ones are probably Adobe Photoshop 
(I have CS 5), Photoshop Elements, 
and Corel Painter (for a more painterly look). 
My own favorite was Microsoft’s Digital Image Pro 
but it’s no longer made. It’s still loaded on my desktop, 
though I have to hit “SAVE” often. 
as the program is pretty unstable. 
Since it’s 10 years old or more, 
it was designed for older operating systems.

3. Once you open the photo, go into the filters options 
and give various ones a try until you find the look you want. 
Let me show you some options. And in the interest of 
full disclosure, I'll admit that Digital Image Pro's filter catalog
is still my favorite.

Accented Edges Filter
Glow Edges filter

Ink Outlines filter

Paint Daubs filter

Poster Edges filter

4.  When you’re satisfied, save the altered image, 
using the name of the filter(s) in the title 
so you can remember how you got the look. 
I didn’t always do that in the early days 
of my experimentation and I kick myself now 
when I see an old image and wonder how I got the effect.

Eggshell Crackle filter

Paint Dry Brush filter

Filter 1: Paint Dry Brush  Filter 2: Accented Edges
Poster Edges Filter

5.  With a wide-format printer that has colorfast inks, 
you may be able to print your images
 on sheets of watercolor paper if you baby them through. 
If you’re using watercolor paper, bump up the saturation 
a bit on your image, because the paper is absorbent 
and the inks really sink into the paper, dulling the colors.

6.  Though the HP Deskjet 130 inks are rated 
at lasting 75 years or more, I frame them 
with museum quality glass and make sure 
to hang them away from direct light.

Easy. Addictive. Use instructions at your own risk. 


Unknown said…
Meri how marvelous. A get gift to us.
Unknown said…
My first reaction when I read the opening line?
Oh, goody!
Thank you, I love tutorials.
I need more "play" time!
Irene said…
Oooo, you are tempting me to play!

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