What Catches Your Eye?

When you're looking at the world through a camera lens,

what kinds of things catch your eye?

What makes you choose to capture
one vignette over another,

makes you smile, touches your heart, 
pours a stream of calm into your day?

Is there a theme, a mood, a character of light or twilight,

something that unifies your work?
In other words, do you have a vision?  
Or is it a random thing?

I love:

shiny things
feathery things
reflections & light bouncing off water
sleeping babies
artfully arranged store window displays
repetition and visual rhythm
lots of color and Chihuly's glass.


rebecca said…

i was thunder struck (5)
such wondrous simplicity, (7)
haiku on fridays! (5)

come see...
come play!

Golden West said…
How exciting you're off to Italy! Looking forward to many inspiring pictures!
JP/deb said…
love those things too! thank you for taking us behind your lens :)

Lubna said…
Nature is the best artist in the whole wide world. I'm stuck in the city, but then there is the sky and there is the sea (in Bombay/Mumbai - India). Love your captures.

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