A Single Woman of a Certain Age

I don't know what experiences
are in store for me the next two weeks,
but I'm all packed and ready to go.

There's a new wide-angle lens tucked in
my bag, alongside the 18 - 200 mm lens
that Nikon finally repaired.
The photography workshop should be amazing.

I've got a journal for notes, a little book
called "Just Enough Italian," and
a great big sense of adventure.

I'll try to post from the road 
and tell you what it's like
to be a single woman of a certain age
alone in Italy.

(These are prints based on my last trip to Venice.
I suspect I'll have some new material on my return.)


A VERY TALENTED woman of a certain age!!!

These prints are stunning!
rebecca said…
oh meri you lift my heart so. go forth and kiss the JOY as it flies.
fill your journal, film cards, and mostly fill your incredible heart.

be well, travel safe and drink it all in!!!

you deserve this and oh so much more!
beth said…
have the best time EVER !
and if you can teach me anything when you return, i promise to be the best student :)
Nenslens said…
Buon Viaggio e Buon Divertimento!
Looking forward to your next instalment.
Venezia is lovely this time of year,before the heat,haze and hoards descend.
ps Don't worry too much about the language...these days,especially in the tourist sites,most younger Italians speak English-they take it in school. Enjoy! E
ELK said…
be safe ..but not too...blessings on a wonder filled time~elk
Alan Burnett said…
Have a fabulous time. Looking forward to all the photographs and all the stories. Dafe journey
Wonderful, romantic, take your breath away Italy! And your shots of venice -- AND WHAT YOU DID WITH THEM -- are perfection! And I would expect no less. Your mastery makes me want to revisit Photoshop.
femminismo said…
I had to cancel my Italy trip this summer, but I'm really glad you are going. I am coming to Tacoma on the 26th of this month. Can't wait to see this city you've turned me on to!
A.Smith said…
Oh the fun you are going to have! I know it, I sense it, better yet, I am sure. Looking forward to the stories sharing a glass of wine here.
Be safe, travel well, dance a bit and laugh a lot! Hugs and bon voyage!
Delwyn said…
Dear Meri

Have an exciting, safe and thrilling trip...
and I will look forward to more images of that wonderful floating city...

I love how you have given these pictures a floating watery feel...

happy travelling
Bee said…
What beautiful picture postcards to set the tone . . .

Happy Journey!
Naquillity said…
i love what you've done with these photos. they're great. go, have a safe trip and enjoy all that comes your way. enjoy your photography workshop as well.

the book Half Broke Horses is a great read. i enjoyed it immensely. have a great weekend.
sperlygirl said…
magic awaits, meri. i look forward to hearing about your adventures. may italy hold all you wish her too. enjoy every moment. warmly, s
steven said…
meri i could say i'm envious - because that would be entirely true! - but i'm also excited to read and see what you experience. steven
Relyn Lawson said…
Oh, I am SO EXCITED For you!! Have a wonderful, marvelous time. I can't wait to hear about it when you return.
Michelle said…
WOW. It's already here. Let me know if the carnivale and costumes are as awesome as they seem!

Italia es Fantastico!

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