Filling My Cup

Don't you just love afternoons
when the sun is peeking out 
from behind cloud curtains 
like the watchful neighbor
 who knows everyone's business
and you're meeting a friend
at a local unbranded coffee place
for a hot cup of something,

a few minutes of intelligent conversation
(because she is, after all, a friend
and you only have really smart friends)

and to give her a stack of books
you've finished reading?

A vanilla chai latte, please.
As skinny as you can make it.
I brought my own cup.


I wish we were closer - we have so many mutual interests - I would enjoy chatting with you over a coffee. I am reading South of Broad right now! Love Conroy and have enjoyed 2 of the other books in your pile! Great minds ...

Have a wonderful Sunday Meri.
will said…
I could never compare the sun to busybody neighbors.
madonnas of leningrad - great book!

like the titles in the pile!!

ah so many books, so little time
Elisabeth said…
It's the conversation, more than the vanilla that makes for the sweetness.

Ahh the joy of talking books with a good friend.
rebecca said…
loving your
steven said…
meri it's one of those experiences that comes together in a golden moment that somehow adds to the understanding that this is a good place after all and i am very fortunate!!! steven
beth said…
YES.....that's a perfect and totally my kind of afternoon....and i think i would fall into your smart friend category....or maybe smart ass one instead :)
Oh, makes me miss my friends :0(
Vicki Lane said…
Some good reading there!
Sheila said…
I'm glad I visited here today. I haven't thought of reading Pat Conroy for years but would like to read South of Broad. Thanks for the suggestion. I much prefer the small local coffee shops to the chain coffee shops. The atmosphere is so much more interesting.
JanuskieZ said…
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