Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Share the Joy: A Little of This. . .

I'll admit it.

Finding joy in unlikely places
is one of my special gifts.

I love colorful, rusty, decaying things

that remind me that aging is a natural process
and carries its own beauty.

Reflections definitely make the joy list for me. . . 
even when the Space Needle looks all tangled up.

Blog hopping each week to visit all of you
makes my heart sing.

What gives you JOY?

Share the Joy. 

1. do a post that tells and shows what gives you joy.

2. capture the URL of the specific post and paste it into 
the Mr. Linky box along with your info.

3. Visit other players and let their joy infect you.
Leave them a comment because everyone
 enJOYS getting positive feedback.

Let's start an epidemic of JOY!


4 Lettre Words said...

LOVE those colors.

Unknown said...

There is something strong and stoic about rusty and aging things. Same with humans. Wisdom, weathering the storm. Blessings dear sista

Hazel said...

I love your thoughts about aging being "a natural process, and that it "carries its own beauty."

Hi Meri, I'm joining Share the Joy for the first time today. Your site link and badge are on the sidebar of my blog.

Kim Mailhot said...

I find beauty in nature's decay and rust sometimes, but not so much in my own ! ;-) I hope to get your wisdom some day !
Sending you big love on Valentine's Day, Lovely One !

Stephanie said...

yes! reflections bring me joy too!
may your day be filled with dark chocolate and wine...

Leovi said...

Yes, these pictures are truly gorgeous, full of sweetness, I like the colors!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Meri; found your blog when I was reading Daylily's blog. How lovely to visit and join in. I am following as well. I've added your blog to my blog list too.

deb did it said...

oh how I love rusty, dusty, crusty, chippy, peely....oh yea! Kinda like me too ( Kim )

Unknown said...

Lovely thoughts on aging Meri.

Following from