Tuesday, November 6, 2012

True Words Tuesdays: Telling Stories

"Don't forget—no one else sees the world
the way you do, so no one else
can tell the stories that you have to tell.”
                   — Charles de Lint

When you’re drawn, as I am, to writing narratives
based on life and all of its glorious and gritty details,
sometimes you find yourself questioning
whether your story matters, why anyone would care,
if you have the right to write it down
and put the narrative out into the world.

At least I do.

It’s odd, when I think of it, because I never question
whether it’s appropriate to bring my visual images
into being, no matter how silly or surreal they might be.
Viewers of my pieces often see symbolism
that I didn’t consciously include, think they know
something about me from the symbolism they think they see.
Somehow, that doesn’t seem as revealing as putting
your truth down in words where people can examine them,
one by one, and measure your imputed worth.

DeLint's quote helps keep things in perspective.
So. . .  for all my writing friends. . . 
own your stories and put them out in the world.
I'll do the same.

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Kamana said...

this is just what i needed to hear today. thanks.