Tuesday, November 20, 2012

True Words Tuesday: Nikki Giovanni

“We go on. Because it is the hard thing to do.
 And we owe ourselves the difficulty.”
       - Nikki Giovanni

Do you ever wonder why so many good people
have such difficult lives? So much pain and sorrow?

I found some insight in Harold Kushner’s book
When Bad Things Happen to Good People,
that helped alleviate my urge to blame God
when shit happens.

Maybe there’s a tempering effect
when we’re thrust into the crucible
and manage to withstand the searing pain
that accompanies our time of trial,
emerging somehow changed,
transformed into better, wiser versions of ourselves.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross once said that the most beautiful people
are the ones who’ve known defeat, struggle and loss
and learned to find their way out of the depths.
It is surviving the challenge slaying the dragon
that imbues them with a gentleness and inside-out compassion.

Beautiful people, says Kubler-Ross, do not just happen.
Through grace and perseverance, they live their way into beauty. 
Maybe this is our reward for living through the difficulty.
After all is said and done, to be still standing.

Maybe that’s what we owe ourselves and others.


Kim Mailhot said...

I agree with that, Beautiful. Having fought some dragons myself...
Here's to giving ourselves what we deserve and need.
Love and light !

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Love some Kubler-Ross. Studied her when I was in nursing school. I have always told my daughters folks with no challenges have nothing to crow about. Two of ours have slayed their dragons and are now Princesses.