Some of my favorite images
that rely on words.

Seen in the parking lot of my old QFC store
 (which became, for a while, Main and Vine )
at a time when I was feeling bereft, unloved, and vulnerable.

 Found in an artist's workshop 
during a Day of the Dead sojourn.

Cautionary sign in a magical land
called Moss Terra.

Sign outside my favorite grocery store
for a sensory field trip:
Metropolitan Market, Proctor District, Tacoma.

Brings back memories of browsing the stores in Joseph, Oregon
with my Mom on our last trip together to Wallowa Lake
to gather with two of her sisters (the third had back problems
and couldn't make the trip) and some of my cousins' families.

Found in an antique store in Puyallup, Washington.
Paris is such a great city to explore on foot,
soaking in the sights and sounds.

Discovered while on a field trip to Lavender Festival
in Sequim, Washington with my friend and neighbor Leslee.


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