Where Does the Time Go?

It's been over two weeks since last I posted.
Where does the time go?

Part of the time drain
was surrendered to the black hole
called computer crash.

I lost virtually all my photographs,
something that makes blogging a trial
since I am a firm believer in 
words + images.

Don't worry. . . my eldest son
thinks he can salvage them on Saturday
when he, his wife, and their two boys
come for brunch and present opening.

I'd say the rest was frittered away with Christmas preparations,
but that's not accurate. 
I did decorate two trees and buy a few Christmas presents
but I spent Christmas eve and most of Christmas day
by myself, reading and watching my favorite movies.
Having children with in-laws who get a share of holiday time
means time alone if you don't have a significant other.
I've read 3 novels and a memoir in the past five days
and watched favorite movies
(plus -- a week ago, I saw "Green Book" at Grand Cinema).

So, life is good, even after my health scare two weeks ago.
And, though it's late,
I wish you. . . . 


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