Share the Joy

I used to host a blog meme called
"Share the Joy" on Thursday morning.
It celebrated the little (or big) moments
during each week when you noticed
that something touched your heart
or brought a smile to your face.

Seems to me that honoring joy
invites more of it into your life.
And that's a good thing.


rebecca said…
dear meri-how i loved your share the joy! and all the sweet togetherness bloglandia use to fill our days with. i want to thank you for your uplifting blog home here over the years. i find i am rarely on the computer any aging mother to care for, life more complex and demanding. when i am home my aging cat must occupy my lap-and i sense the holding and comforting of him is way to compelling than trying to juggle his repose to reach the computer. i am only able to visit you now as he is filling the whole chair and i am perched on an inch or two on the very edge. such a true imagine of my current life-a bit on the edge but maintaining balance by sheer will and enduring love!
may this find you well and enjoying the gathering JOY you instill so deeply in those around you!

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