Note to Myself No. 7

I haven't known that heady,
out of control,
you make my toes curl
kind of feeling for 
a long, long, time.

I've spent lots of time 
learning to be my own woman,
traveling to places hither and yon
sometimes without any travel companions.

I've settled into a routine by now.

It might be time to shake things up.

Or then again. . . 
why mess with a good thing?


Kim Mailhot said…
Perhaps now that you have fallen more in love with yourself, the love you make yourself open for will be all you need it to be ?

Wishing this for you !
~JarieLyn~ said…
I agree with Kim.
ellen abbott said…
my sister went on a date Saturday night. Her husband died two years ago this month and this is the first time she's been out with a man since. He's not 'the one' but she had a pleasant enough time and would enjoy going out with him again, to have someone to go to dinner with or a day trip somewhere. I was very happy that she took that step. Not that there is anything wrong with being alone but she doesn't especially like it.

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