Note to Myself No. 23

A few days ago, I talked about my essence statements.

Who I am, both personally and professionally.
I really don't feel a discrepancy between
the two personas. . . I think I'm fully me
the vast majority of the time
(although in my attorney persona, I'm a bit more serious
and official and straight-line than the rest of the time,
though these days I'm not inhabiting my attorney persona
most of the time).

A young woman, in her teens or slightly beyond,
asked me about that
and how to really be her authentic self
100 percent of the time
no matter who she's with.

She was feeling like a chameleon, changing her colors
depending on who she was with.

Remember in the movie The Runaway Bride
that the Julia Roberts character loved her eggs best
when they were scrambled, poached, or sunny-side-up
depending on the preferences of the man
she was in love with at the time?

You can't be authentically yourself
until you've had time to grow into your fullness
and say
I am who I am,
with all of my quirks and shiny bits,
and I am fabulous.

Whether anyone appreciates that fact or not.


suzanne said…
this is such an important on - along with verbalizing your needs. i have a dear friend who has taught me so much about doing just this. lessons i cherish.
She Who Doodles said…
It takes a lot of years to get to that point in your life. And for me to marriages.

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