Share the Joy: Some Reasons for Joy

Some reasons for JOY?

Fresh, crisp apples.

Chai latte with caramel swirls.

Getting the new catalog for the Open Studio weekend coming soon and looking forward to seeing lots of new work.

Pretty girls with birthdays.

And so much more.

What's your source of JOY?

To play along
1. do a post that tells and shows what gives you joy.

2. capture the URL of the specific post and paste it into 
the Mr. Linky box along with your info.

3. Then click the NEXT box (or the time) to choose an image
 from the post to insert in Mr. Linky's list
 so people get a sneak peek. 

(And if you just can't get it to work, 
email me and I'll try to link it for you.)

4. Visit other players and let their joy infect you.
Leave them a comment because everyone
 enJOYS getting positive feedback.

Let's start an epidemic of JOY!


4 Lettre Words said…
Wow...lovely shots this week, Meri!
Unknown said…
Love the apples and birthday girl.
Fallingladies said…
those apples look delicious! thanks for hosting the joy again!
Anonymous said…
i am linking up with family joy :)
rebecca said…
good morning my sweet!
october fills me with golden light and the joy of welcoming my son into the world 21 years ago! there within lies my unabashed joy of motherhood.

october also holds the joy of returning to san miguel de allende to share dia de los muertos with a new collection of precious souls! recuerda mi corazon is counting down the days of october with
la calaca love! i know there are some great skeletons in your closet meri, so when the mood strikes you come join in!!
Stephanie said…
You are speaking my language of JOY here!!!
Leovi said…
Beautiful photos, excellent framing. Wonderful apples and coffee.
Kim Mailhot said…
Yummy and sweet joy, Meri ! May it continue to be so abundant for you !
Light and love.

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