Seeing the World

Each of us has a distinctive way of seeing the world
and representing it through imagery.

Jan Phillips, God is at Eye Level

"Everywhere I Look" © 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian

Everywhere I look, I find little miracles,
grist for the creative mill. 

Things unfold perfectly,
just as they were intended,
even in the least fertile ground.

How do you see your world?
How do you represent this to others?

Tell us about it.


beth said…
sometimes through rose colored glasses....

and other times as if someone slapped me upside the head with it...

it just depends on the day or the week or the month...

but I wouldn't trade it for anything !
will said…
The world? As it is. Less than hoped for, more than I can deal with.

How I represent it? Doesn't matter, just dust in the wind.
Anonymous said…
it depends on the day and my mood :)

but usually i try to look for beauty everywhere, whether it is in a slum or a postcard-perfect scene.

i love your photo.
With grateful eyes, with joy and enthusiasm. Every day is a gift.
Lynne said…
Hi Meri
It has been a while since I visited your I have just had a wonderful meri blogfest (just like christmas!) reading your last 18 posts.
And I am left uplifted and inspired as usual!
Thank you!!
Hi there Meri,

I hope that you are well? As usual, I loved paying your site a visit.

How do I see the world? Let me answer that this way; I love seeing the world as a child!

I posted a short story titled "A DIFFERENT PLACE" and I was hoping that you would read it and give me your opinion?

Kind regards

kt said…
this is a good question, tough question, each day i do see beauty how can i not with magical fog filled mornings and bright pink and orange sunsets, this is the time of year for these displays. i try to share through my art and writing and how i live with my children, husband, friends and family.

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