Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finding Peace Amid Darkness

Coach-consciousness seems to be nudging me
in the direction of posts
 with a transformational message.
So if you're looking for sweetness and light
as you meander through blog posts today,
I'm inviting you to move on. . . .
because this post is about
diving deep
letting the light shine through the cracks
about abiding in a place of darkness
and learning the lessons it holds.

Not a topic for the faint of heart.

Yesterday, I talked about 
accepting what's true
and finding empowering questions
that move you beyond obsessing over why's

(when the why questions are
 a form of resistance to what is) 

When we find ourselves in a dark place,

a place of heartbreak and loss,

a place in which we seem to be in some kind 
of suspended animation while the outside
world spins dizzily,

one of the most important questions
may be

"How can I find a space of peace
in the midst of this darkness?"

"A Candle to Light Their Way" - created by MeriMagic on Polyvore (homage to Maggie Taylor's surreal art)

What you need, what you're looking for,
is a candle to light your way
through the darkness.

Your answer will be unique to you.
There is no one way, 
but the journeys of others
may help inform yours.

My friend Suzanne recently
from her father's death in a blog post 
on her charming blog Sperlygirl. 

She talks about how a compassionate physician, 
learning of the heaviness in Suzanne's heart,
suggested that she walk each day with no purpose
other than noticing.
Noticing whatever she noticed.
Seeing what her heart beckoned her to see.

Suzanne resisted. Thought it was a stupid suggestion.

And yet. . . .

somewhere, deep inside her,
there was an inner knowing
that whispered,
"Do it anyway. Notice what happens."

And she responded.
She let the light seep in through the crack
in her heart.

She took the first step.

 it took time, but on those walks
 i began to find a peace
 in the tiny things that i noticed. 

i awakened a strength inside
 that held my broken heart
 and saved my life. 

and i realized then, 
the power of resilience 
as i learned with each step
how to walk through grief. 

Your way to find peace
inside grief, or conflict, or chaos
may not be the same path Suzanne walked.

"How can I find a space of peace
in the midst of this darkness?"
can be one of those life-changing questions.


kt40s said...

lovely post meri...i admire how suz(sperlygirl) always shares her truth.

Kim Mailhot said...

Yes... this post touches me right where I am, Lovely One.

Accepting what is and learning to move beyond.

Taking some of this with me, deep inside, today.

You do good work, Lady.
Love to you !