Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Gamers Can Save the World

If you're the parent of a gamer or two
like I am

or even a gamer yourself,
I've got good news:

Gamers might be perfectly positioned
to change the world.

Here's how. 

The video's a little long (20 minutes)
but fascinating.

Makes me have hope. 
And that's a good thing.


Allegra Smith said...

I love it! the only games I play on the computer are brain puzzle games.
I know, I am utterly boring but I like to find a way to solve difficult things so I must get more information about this. Thank you dear, this added a new dimension to what is becoming a paradigm of a day. I hope you are having a great one yourself.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Sounds interesting Meri. I will have to watch it later. For now, I will say, your son is a beautiful young man. Tell him I said handsome - but the word beautiful is what came to mind.

John O'Donohue is amazing. I'm so glad you have the DVD. Do you have his book 'Beauty - The Invisible Embrace'. As someone who takes such amazing photographs, and loves poetry - it should feed all your sense including any transpersonal or spiritual inclinations (without being religious).

Linda Sue said...

This is fabulous and just what I needed! No worries about my son and ALL of his friends now- thank you so much! Game on!

Eryl Shields said...

How inspiring and brilliant is she?!

My son played games incessantly as a child and it bothered me at times that he wasn't getting out and running around as kids are 'meant' to. But interests sparked by gaming led to him doing a degree in computer animation, being able to fix any computer problem imaginable, and by extension, all number of real world problems. He also knows how to use the internet as a learning tool and knows so much more about the world of politics, science, and the problems we have to face than I could ever know. He almost never plays games now, he's out running around in the real world exploring and continuing to learn and solve problems. So now I'm really glad I didn't limit his computer time and force him to go out before he was ready.

I look forward to seeing if, and how, this young woman's pilot games can change the world for the better.