Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Self Portrait

Do you know about Bone Sigh Arts?
Are you on the mailing list for the daily quote?
A woman named Terri St. Cloud creates little meditations
and shares them with the folks on her mailing list.
Today's quote resonated with me
 so I thought I'd share.

"I went back and got her today,
the little girl that is me.

I coaxed her to stand,
to drop the blanket,

and to pick up her beauty.

She's walking with me now,
and leading me to wholeness."
- Terri St. Cloud

We can all stand to give ourselves --
 our past, present, and future selves --
some loving encouragement.

p.s. I wasn't talented enough to set up a tripod
and use a timer for the first three pics. 
I have to credit either my Mom or my Dad for those.
 Only the bottom photo is mine.


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

What an encouraging quote and your pictures (old and new) are wonderful. Your beauty and quest for wholeness are always evident here. Thanks for the link Meri, I will check it out.

My word verification is actondis, or as I am hearing it in my mind: act-on-dis. I will, I am!

steven said...

very sweet pictures meri. looking back looking in looking at now. steven

A.Smith said...

Oh sweet pea, those are way too adorable. And the last one is totally sexy and somehow it is hard to imagine that sweet little thing so wrapped inside her world would become the incredibly sexy photographer she is today. My photography professor used to say that what the eye ignores the camera discovers. True to this day.

PS: leave the ants alone, they do no harm to the peonies and if they bother you, use a jet setting with your hose. But honestly, they are after the sugar from the buds, that is all.

Poetry24 said...

Charming pictures and fine words. A thoughtful signpost to how we might appreciate ourselves a little more.

Meri said...

Thanks Steve, thanks Martin. I can't reply to you via email since I only have "do not reply" email addresses for you. Sorry!

Bonnie: the verification word is too amusing!

Allegra: you're so kind. And I will leave the ants alone, but it's so annoying to cut blossoms and bring ants in the house with the bouquet.

Delwyn said...

Hi meri

what a sweet adorable little girl you were-are. I love the soft new hair look...

happy days

curious girl (lisa) said...

so lovely and sweet...then and now.