Monday, December 21, 2009


All too often, at least for those of us who prefer the status quo,
parts of our carefully constructed lives self-destruct in the most disconcerting ways.
 Those we love die or move far away.
Relationships end with or without our blessing.
Winds blow.
Volcanoes blow.
And we're adrift in a sea of change.

The certainty we took for granted
proves to be an illusion.
Sometimes we feel like there's a pile of rubble
where our dreams once lived.

When circumstances stripped your life down to bare essentials
-- and it's probably happened to all of us at least once --
how did you clear the debris
and start rebuilding?

Your wisdom, shared,
might be a lifeline for someone else,
someone who is wondering,
right at this very moment,
how to go on.

Let's leave a map
others can follow
when they think they're lost.


Bill Stankus said...

There's a few things I won't list but here's a few ...

Witnessing a person being shot after a quarrel. Lots of blood.

A neighbor had a heart attack, I administered CPR. He died.

After a storm, finding the debris of a commercial fishing boat.

Lesson learned?
Anything can happen, there are no guarantees, living a pretend existence is nowhere. Don't think you're ever really prepared for the cliff's edge or the falling rock.

Meri said...

I agree Bill. No matter how much you think you can control live events, you can't. There's no way to prepare for the falling rock or the slip off the precipice. If you live through those events, you've just got to pick yourself up and find a way to move forward. Not always easy. Not usually fun.

Kamana said...

for me, it is always faith. faith and prayer always see me through.

Izzy said...