Thursday, December 10, 2009

Becoming Poem

Becoming a Hummingbird

I am becoming a hummingbird,
my iridescence coloring the words 
that rise in my throat a glistening red.
My wings support me as I dip and soar,
spiral and hover. I travel at the speed of dreams,
searching out the nectar of the gods to sip for succor.
My breath shapes my thoughts, a gentle inhalation 
shooting straight to my core and rustling the ribbons of my soul,
exhalation giving me power to exchange depleted elements
for new ones, brimming with life. 
The purr of my wings stirs the air,
bringing a catlike contentment to those around me.
The chatter of my heart sends waves of sound vibrating 
into a parallel universe, fresh pulses of delight 
erasing the darkness and birthing blessings
for all who feel the stirring of my wings.

p.s.  This is one of the creative writing pieces done on the Egypt tour.
As we speak, Normandi Ellis and Gloria Taylor Brown 
are compiling and editing an anthology of works
written by tour participants.
It is tentatively titled "The Book of Coming Into the Light."
  Three publishers have expressed interest.
I'll let you know more details as they become available.


lakeviewer said...

Lovely. And lucky to have such a wonderfully inspiring group of people to tour and learn with.

~JarieLyn~ said...

This is a wonderful piece. I love it.

ELK said...

this is just such a stunning moment...words ring out as well

Anonymous said...

truly a beautiful poem, meri. wow

HeartFire said...

Such beautiful words and picture... good luck with the possible book!