Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still Stuck Outside Time

I haven't reoriented myself in time
even though I've been home for a month now.

Egypt did something to my normal sense of place, of time.
It's hard to explain, really.
All I can tell you is this:
something's different.

© 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian. All rights reserved.

I lose myself in the moment.
I am spending hours writing each day but it seems like minutes.

I created a new series of 21 pieces based on chrysanthemum imagery
in a couple of days, but it seemed like a couple of hours.

Some call this state of mind "flow."
I don't know what to call it.
I just know I haven't been the same since the trip.

Talk about trippin.'

Oh boy.


Anonymous said...

a good trip always does that to me. so glad you are spending long hours writing. isnt it therapeutic?

rebecca said..., this, your new world orientation.

(can't wait to see what happens after taking you to san miguel de allende!!)



beth said...

amazing how trips and new locations can change a person inside and out....

JonesMoore said...

All of your 'mum' pieces are beautiful!

Relyn said...

What a wonderful "problem" to have. Twenty one pieces? Fabulous!

HeartFire said...

Beautiful photo Meri.