Thursday, November 5, 2009

Luxor Street Scenes

Our Egyptian tour guide
gave us a special treat one night,
a tour of the streets of Luxor
that tourists don't generally see.

These goats have taken up residence
on the street where he was born and where his parents
and grandparents lived before him.

This house is painted with scenes showing the sights
the owner saw on his pilgrimage to Mecca.
This is the way that people tell others about their holy pilgrimage,
publicly reveal their devotion to Islam.

The end of his old childhood street used to be walled off
so there was no direct access to the market area.
They had to take a several-block-long route to reach the market.

The wall of the neighborhood barber shop
tips us off as to the proprietor's religious affiliation.

A wide variety of goods is available
in local markets.

The horse, by the way,
is pulling the cart upon which we were riding,
Seeing American tourists riding on a farm cart
was a source of great amusement
to the citizens of Luxor.

We were more than happy
to have them see us in a new light.

The children were especially excited and amused
to see us.

All in all, it was a night of surprises,
a night of delight.


Bagman and Butler said...

I can't stop staring at your last picture. It's a painting!

Relyn said...

Oh, those glamourous dresses! And that blue door. Imagine! I could design an entire house around those blue doors.

Meri said...

That last photo is one of my favorites, Mark. And yes, Relyn - the blue door. In fact all the fancy doors in Egypt were like a camera magnet for me.

JonesMoore said...

Gorgeous photos, Meri...

Melinda said...

and do you feel inspiration tickling your blood from all that... new? Curious. Sometimes I do, from travel, etc. And sometimes from just being in my simple life...

Maggie's garden said...

Hey you're back. Fabulous photos. The dresses are beautiful. Did you pick one up for yourself or just browsing?

Carmen said...

i adore these pictures!

Heartfire Arts said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures and adventures. You have such a lovely blog painting with your words and images...