Self-Portrait Wednesday

I'm still more comfortable 
with stealing other people's souls


(this is my long-time friend Judie who joined me to shoot spring color, 
not knowing I'd steal her soul so shamelessly)

than I am with letting the lens capture a piece of mine.

But since I am a soulful woman
I guess I can't lose anything
by sharing another self-portrait.

Some of my blogger friends
are so innovative, so sophisticated
that they use tripods to take pictures of themselves
that look like glamour shots, like Beth.

And then there are Daffodil Divas, like Judy Wise
who expose themselves to all kinds of allergens
to snap pictures of themselves
with camera at arms' length.

I'm not that advanced.
I'm taking baby steps toward self-portraits,
trying to banish my self-consciousness.

It's just me and my camera,
in front of something that reflects the two of us.

And I realize that banishing self-consciousness
must be a process because what registers
when I see this

is that I should have brushed my hair
because there are too many flyaways
 and I'm not wearing mascara
 and even though my mouth is mostly hidden,
I should have made my lips look all sexy and pouty
with one of those lip-plumping glosses.

Maybe next time.

Maybe a miracle will happen
and I'll be Self conscious
instead of self-conscious
when I see myself as you see me.


Anonymous said…
A mirror reflects a woman's face, but what she is really like is shown by the kind of friends she chooses.
Meri said…
So true! I have such incredibly intelligent, compassionate, generous friends who never fail to amaze me with their talent, their wit, their capacity for love. They love good films, great books, delicious food, lively discussion, complaining about and celebrating the men in their lives (or their absence therefrom). The problem for me is that my women friends are all so amazing, the men I've met post-divorce all pale in comparison.

beth said…
the spc is a huge challenge for me...every single time !!!

it's not easy to love our outside selves, yet it's what everyone else gets to see first, so why do we cringe when we see photos of our faces or our bodies?

I haven't figured that one out yet...but I do know that I'm trying to be more gentle and kind to myself and the more that I like who I am on the inside...I see my outside trying to catch up !

I love this photo of you and I think I'm going to steal it and make it black and white and send it back to you !!!
Anonymous said…
I love your fly aways! Lovely to see you Meri)))

Kim Mailhot said…
I agree with how hard the sp challenge is but look at us all trying it out, sharing bits of ourselves for all of Blogland to see, self-conscious or not ! Yay for us, I say and yay for Misty for inspiring us to all try and open ourselves up to the experience.

I noticed your eyes first - the earnest, openness in them.

Happy SP Wednesday, Meri !
Delwyn said…
The photo of your friend catching the daffies is special, and I love the natural Meri...looking more comfortable than last time...
Izzy said…
“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.” ~Sir Francis Bacon (That's my way of continuing to chicken out of the sp challenge.) =)

But you, lovely lady, are doing a great job and should embrace that beautiful face of yours!!
Anonymous said…
I like your self portrait, along with your REAL feelings,!
Deirdra Doan said…
That is just how I take my self photo's too!! easy!
Wednesday's are nice days to say hello...
Your hair is perfect just as it is.
deb did it said…
your natural beauty, that's what it is all about...BEAUTIFUL...leave the make-up at the drugstore. let your true light shine!

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