Thursday, April 30, 2009


This birdhouse looks inviting, doesn't it?
Perhaps it's even a bird hotel,
a gathering place,
a perfect place to host a family reunion.

I thought I'd put this picture out in blogland,
and send it mentally to my local avian community,
hoping the birds will know
I've got their welfare at heart,

that they really don't have anything
to lose by waiting just a millisecond more
for me to focus and click the shutter
before they fly away.

I keep my camera right by the window
next to the computer
and yesterday I couldn't get it focused
quickly enough to photo-enshrine
the hummingbird
or the goldfinch
each of whom had stopped to rest
in the uppermost branches of the vine maple,
not more than eight feet
from where I sit when I write.

Come back!
I want my friends to see you.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

a very sweet apartment house. we have very exciting bird happenings these days....there is a family of owls (well mother and 4 owlets) living in a tree outside my daughters house (in the city) very cool!!! I hope I can catch a snap before they fly the coop!

Unknown said...

Your bird house is lovely and creative. Such a good shelter from the elements. My Australian Bottle-Brush tree is a magnet for many variety of birds and insects. Unfortunately, I need at least a 200mm lens to capture them properly as they generally perch on the higher branches.