Monday, April 27, 2009

Defining Moments

What event was so enormous,
so impactful, that it serves as the hinge point
between "before" and "after" in your life?

"Defining Moment" - photograph copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian

What happened to change your
sense of yourself, of who you are

- your feeling of ease in the world -
- how you relate to others -
- your sense of belonging or being cut adrift -
- how you choose to use your gifts?

These defining events may have changed you
for good or ill, but they unquestionably left their mark.

These seminal happenings may be outright blessings,
horrible burdens, or blessings in disguise.

Everyone can point to one
or more than one,
at least everyone of a certain age
and degree of awareness.

What's your defining moment?
How did it change you?
What wisdom did you gain?


will said...

Oh, those are questions with answers requiring some length.

I can mention a few defining moments ... first the negatives - an abusive mother, a brutal all boys high school experience, a neighbor dying in my arms, seeing the after moments of a murder in Hollywood ...

And the positives - meeting and marrying a wonderful person, sharing time and learning from accomplished artists and craftsmen, swimming with whales, living and working in SoCal, meeting and talking with my heroes (Ansel Adams, Jacque Cousteau and Sam Maloof) ...

Lessons learned? Wisdom gained? Those things cannot be explained in a tiny comment box!

But I have blogged about most of what I just mentioned.

Anonymous said...

My defining moments would have to be when I met my husband, whom, after 30 years, is still my best friend and the birth of my three sons. Changed my life forever.
Now, the birth of my granddaughter 47 years and one month after my birth is to say the least, was the one that changed my life for the best. I am so blessed.

Meri said...

You're right. The import is too great to fit in a tiny box. If people comment with part of their truth like you did, great. But mostly, it was meant to get people to examine pivotal moments and their meaning.

Donna, the impact of forming relationships from powerful bonds of love is definitely life-altering for most people, whether or not they are as blessed as yours. And isn't the experience of seeing your children become loving parents and getting to snuggle their children/your grandchildren just amazing?

Bee said...

I'm also really interested in "the roads not taken" and how those have defined my life. I suppose that I'm more haunted and intrigued by those . . .

Meri said...

I think those momentous choice points, where we're forced to make a decision that sends us down a path, not knowing what's ahead, not knowing whether the other choice was the right one, are also "defining moments." But more to the point, your comment about being haunted by the road not taken is interesting. It suggests that the road taken perhaps was rougher than anticipated, because how many of us second-guess decisions that turn out splendidly? If you believe, like I do, that life brings us the exact lessons we need to learn, then even "wrong" choices are exactly right. The learning curve may be steep or gentle, but the lesson is custom-tailored for us. What perfection!

Delwyn said...

Hi meri
first that photograph shows very clearly your intention today.

second- I think I would want to sit down with you to try and answer this biggie....

I have had no blinding epiphany
no Saul on the road to Damascus experience
no tragedy or heartbreak ( for which I feel very blessed)

But I have felt the shifts
and maybe these have been happening at a subliminal level through a variety of experiences and influences until they - like an earthquake, shifted my world through my perspective and attitudes and new beginnings..

good questioning Meri...

Bagman and Butler said...

I still think your glass photographs are have discovered the mother lode of color.

suzanne said...

beautiful photo