In that Moment

in that moment when I
forgot to guard my heart,
you flattened me
against the earth,
pinned me down
with silver star points
and sang me out to see
the crescent moon, more
luminous even than
the faint pink glow
seeping through the crack
of dawn, while each hour
puffed itself, fanned its
peacock feathers
in an array of strutting minutes
and waited with bated breath
for the world
like a peach
to split open
in juicy, pulpy ripeness

- Photograph and poem copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian


julochka said…
maybe you've said in a previous post, but do you HAVE all that glass in your photographs or are you fortunate enough to live near a shop that lets you photograph it! it's positively mouthwatering! :-)
I agree...but not only such great glass but what great arrangements. I would love to watch you working because I don't think these photographs just happen. I'm betting a lot of work goes into lighting, perspective, composing...
sam brightwell said…
Wow, Meri! Your poem today has opened my heart up like the juicy, ripe peach you have described. Wow - what an image .... I love this bit:

in that moment when I forgot to guard my heart

That is something I completely relate to, and have been pondering on a lot lately.

Thank you. I might mention you if I post today, and quote some of those lines, if it's ok ~ that's if I get round to posting today.

In Love & Light.
Nice one.... liked the rhyme and meaning in "I forgot to guard my heart, you flattened me against the earth"
RaeRae said…
This is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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