Behind the Camera

I would so much rather be behind the camera
being a voyeur of others' souls
than be laid open to the world

fearing I will be found
too plump
not pretty enough
too much
too little

Can you see my loving heart?
Is my inner beauty shining through?
That's what I want you to see.
Look for that in my self portrait.


Joanne said…
Nice sentiment here, and the beauty of being behind the camera is that the photographer's heart often finds its way into the picture too, thus the inner beauty.
beth said…
this is perfect for misty's spc tomorrow...leave it up and let her know you're playing along....

and yes...we see that inner beauty but it's totally dressed up with that outer beauty !!!
yes sweetie, I see you!
Delwyn said…
What I see is what you have written... a perfect reflection of your vulnerability and that is very endearing...
Reya Mellicker said…
Wow, what a perfect sentiment for me for today! I just received an email telling me that someone on the internet dating site is interested in me. I haven't worked up the nerve to check it out, yet.

Beautiful picture. What a gorgeous mirror - you, too, are gorgeous, such as I can tell from looking at the pic.
Sarah Lulu said…
You are more than enough and God bless this new journey of yours.
Deirdra Doan said…
Beautful photo's love the tulips and SP with the wonderful poem...
Sydney said…
I relate. I liked what Joanne said and second that. BTW< I met my husband on E Harmony -- which is how I ended up in Houston, as I was living in Manhattan. Married for the first time at 48! :-)
Meri said…
Wow Sydney - that's a great success story. I haven't met anyone on eharmony that I went out with more than once. And you were very brave to be open to searching outside your own stomping grounds.
misty said…
i can see your loving heart, it's beautiful, as are you, inside out.
i love this portrait... very pretty!

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