Hello Again

I got bogged down last month,
trying to come up with a list a day.
It felt too burdensome,
so I stopped.
No one seemed to notice.
Definitely no one minded.

I really did intend to blog more often
and more regularly this year.
A monthly theme seemed like the ticket
to generate daily posts,
but after a month or three,
the wind seemed to leak out of my sails.

I've gone back over my posts
since the beginning of the year,
a total of 122 posts,
and one thing I notice is
that my words and images seem to
add up to a big fat nothing.
They're seen by a few people,
but don't evoke a comment.

Certainly no conversations
and blog friendships
like in earlier times.

Is blogging just passé?
Deader than a door nail?
Have sites like Instagram and Facebook
swallowed up the appetite for connection-by-blog?

Are my efforts

So it would seem.

I'll leave you with this, apropos of nothing,
except the images are lovely to look at.
I had fun with my camera yesterday
on a field trip to Sequim, Washington
to preview the Lavender Festival
that starts today and runs through the weekend.
I wanted to see the sites
without huge crowds
and I wasn't disappointed.

May you have a day full of joy and wonder.


Snap said…
I enjoyed your lists. I always read your posts (beautiful images from your lavender field visit). To comment, I have to change browsers. UGH! I think it takes time -- perhaps more time than most people think -- to "make" a post for a blog. It's just easier on FB. I don't post as much as I once did. Time gets away from me as I get older. I'm not interested in ads or making money (maybe I should).......

Anyway, I am here and I do read and when I change browsers, I will try to comment.


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