Share the Joy

After having a total hard drive crash, now 
my laptop has died.

I couldn't be without email, so I bought a tablet. 
I must be doing something wrong
because it's not letting me insert images
in my blog posts.

I'm also having problems adding the link code
so all I can suggest is to leave a comment with a link
to your JOY post so others can see ot
and I'll try to get the tech issues sorted out
by next week


Andrea said…
Oh I am sorry about your equipment. I am linking here for the first time and when i saw the date Dec 4, i said oh it's up and i am already late, so i just scroll down the Linky and joined. Later, i realized i joined the last weeks posts, LOL. Sorry about that, thank you, here is my link:
Mascha said…
Oh that's bad, I experience it more often, because I always use plain old dumpster (I can not purchase a new device) - sometimes I was 2 months out of touch ...
Have a nice advent time
Hazel said…
Sorry about the tech problem. It does happen sometimes. But it's another wonderful Thursday for sharing joys. Thanks, Meri for hosting.

Karen said…
Oh gosh, how distressing. I'm sure you will experience much joy when you have sorted out the technical issues!
Unknown said…
I hope you will be up and blogging again soon, thanks for hosting Meri.

Ileana said…
I am sorry about your problem,Meri.
Have a nice day
Unknown said… I am having trouble too. Have a new computer but not completely ready to use yet. Thank goodness my old one is on and off. Blessings.
A.Smith said…
My first trip out and coming to see you and here you are, in the same kind of mess I find myself in. What is it with these damnable machines that seem to chose the worst time to do this? If misery loves company - a saying which I find rather incomprehensible as I know that when miserable I rather be alone -just think of the troubles with the site and take comfort in believing that whether or not we understand it, this too shall better for both of us!
Annie Jeffries said…
I'm feeling your pain. My problem wasn't anything so dire as a hard drive crash, but my laptop has been in and out of the geek hospital for two weeks. Then my wireless modem started to misbehave and that had to be fixed. So frustrating.

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