Share the Joy: My Home Town

It gives me enormous JOY to live where I do.

My little town was named #5 in the list of
Smithsonian's Best Small Towns in America

 and I understand why.

What gives you JOY this week?

To play along
1. do a post that tells and shows what gives you joy.

2. capture the URL of the specific post and paste it into 
the Mr. Linky box along with your info.

3. Then click the NEXT box (or the time) to choose an image
 from the post to insert in Mr. Linky's list
 so people get a sneak peek. 

(And if you just can't get it to work, 
email me and I'll try to link it for you.)

4. Visit other players and let their joy infect you.
Leave them a comment because everyone
 enJOYS getting positive feedback.

Let's start an epidemic of JOY!


4 Lettre Words said…
Well, it's certainly full of happy colors. Can't help but smile at these shots!
Lovely post!! There is joy in this post! You are lucky as I am to be happy where we live! Thanks be to God! Cathy
rebecca said…
it does fill one with joy to love love love the place they call home. beautiful meri, i share your joy!
deb did it said…
so so many delicious views, colors, textures! I want to come play in your sandbox someday!
Anonymous said…
I understand why much to savor. I too am SO lucky to find great JOY in the place that I live!
Unknown said…
Gorgeous place!
And near water...perfect!
joanne said…
Yes, indeed, your town has so much to offer....I love to armchair travel, and I have seen and read alot about your area....sounds wonderful! One question, though - don't you have quite a bit of rainy/gloomy weather? Well, at least you don't get tons of snow....
Anonymous said…
wow, this looks like such a happy town. so beautiful
Unknown said…
A warm friendly looking place. It is such a rewarding life to be happy were you are planted. Blessings
Leovi said…
Very interesting, all are wonderful, These mosaics convey joy. Greetings.
Kim Mailhot said…
So quaint and serene ! Yourpictures captured its charm beautifully, Meri.
Happy Thursday !
She Who Doodles said…
you do live in a very beautiful place. i think the whole northwest is the best place to live. even driving to work i see mt hood in my rear view mirror, or sitting in traffic on the I5 bridge looking east to the columbia river.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday!!! my kindred birthday sister!!

Lea said…
A little bird... told us it is your birth day! So wishing you all the best today and this new year to come! And... I love your post! What a beautiful place you live in! I look for joy everywhere I go, and right this moment, it is in visiting you! Thank you Meri!
Annie Jeffries said…
I would love to take that list and then hit the road. I think it would be a long time before I made it home again.
HeartFire said…
I SO agree, it's so wonderful here this time of year, I love it... Those are great photo's (as usual), you are so talented with your camera!
Hilary said…
There certainly seems to be a lot of charm in your town images, Meri. I can easily see why it gives you such joy to live there.

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