Postcards from Paradise: Spring Magic

I emerged from the cocoon of illness
to find the world ablaze with color

-- pools of light --

and diverse things clamoring for attention
like an unruly child  

or a squeaky wheel just waiting for grease

Everywhere I look

I see reminders of this quote by Ellis Peters

Every spring is the only spring -- a perpetual astonishment.



Astonished is the word- spring puts on such a mighty pretty show.
carol l mckenna said…
Awesome photography and such an inspirational poem to go with it ~ Just what I needed to read ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^
foxysue said…
You are so right, the glare of colour after dimmed days of illness makes you want to just revel in the senses! x
helen tilston said…
Glad you are feeling better and what a joyful welcome back to good health.
Wonderful images. Thanks
Unknown said…
WHAT a spring! to wake up to...happy that you are feeling better.

rebecca said…
dear meri,

i too have been away but for very different reasons. gratefully we have both emerged to drink in the gathering light and all the poems of flowers.

i love meri. i should tell you that more often.
Anonymous said…
how pretty! so glad you are feeling better :)
sperlygirl said…
simply beautiful...what colors

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