To Lift Your Spirits. . .

Take every opportunity to sit in the sunshine.

Whisper in the ear of an angel.

 Turn off the alarm and snuggle with your beloved.

Wear funny shoes.

Dream of romantic places.

Show your emotions.

Bring flowers home on a whim.


Just be Yourself.


Anonymous said…
Love this series... yes be ourselves! No one else can be who we are...
rebecca said…
may the pulse of love,
be the pulse of your life.

i am sharing your valentine to life
at recuerda mi corazon.
Lenora said…
yes, take the time, thank you..
foxysue said…
Yes I agree, I was linked to Rebecca's love fest and as you will see I was myself and hey that's okay too!

Sue x
zongrik said…
i like the pink slippers the best

four love senryu

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