Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Time for Something Different

January's over and with it,
the Notes to Myself.

Time for something new.

February has always seemed like a doldrums month
to me, at least.
It's still chilly outside.
Though there are some signs 
that spring intends to return before long,
it hasn't happened yet.

Usage is dropping off at the Y,
as New Years Resolutions
lose their steam as motivation
when you're tired or cranky or sore
and you just plain don't want to sit
on the exercise bike another minute.

And then there's the U.S. political scene.
I can't even bear to go there right now.
My Facebook feed is a choice between
political diatribes and puppies
talking back to their humans.

The future looks bleak right now,
with climate change deniers in charge
of protecting the environment.
With "alternative facts"
and the ascendancy of the alt-right.

It's time to look inside for magic,
because it seems in short supply everywhere else.

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