Friday, February 17, 2017

The Women in My Maternal Lineage

The women in my maternal lineage,
at least the ones I know about,
seem to have a strong dose of psychic ability
in their makeup.

One of my aunts was living in Connecticut
during the Second World War
with her military husband
and got on a train across country 
to her hometown in eastern Oregon
because she had a feeling
that something was wrong at home.
She was right -- her older sister 
had gone missing.
Everything turned out fine,
but Mona's intuition was spot on.

Her daughter, my cousin, experiences
a disturbance in the force when a loved one dies.
Sometimes they appear before her at what she later learns
was the moment of their death,
often to deliver a message.

When I was in high school,
one day when my mother was 10 minutes late
getting home from work,
I waited (in a state of agitation)
for the State Patrol to call to tell me
that she had been in an accident
and what hospital she'd gone to.
They called about 5 minutes after my nervous system
went to high alert.

Come to think of it,
it's not just limited to the females of the line.
Both my sons have strong intuitions,
though one of them seems more uncomfortable 
with the gift than the other.
The dreams he had, about things
that later happened,
were profoundly disturbing to him.
"Mom," he said. "Don't you think that's weird?"

"No," I answered. "When I was your age,
I was so used to that happening
that I just assumed everyone did it."

I haven't ruled out the possibility
that I'm living in more than one universe.
I know for sure that I walk between worlds.

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