Monday, June 10, 2013

My World Monday

I know I drive some people mad
because I rarely have my mobile phone turned on. . . 
but I don't see any reason
to always be at someone's beck and call.

Remember the good old days
when you could get a little peace and quiet
by leaving the house
and venturing beyond the ring of the phone
(and telemarketers).

If I'm meeting someone
and worry they'll need to call me to say
"I'll be late by about 5 minutes"
"I got us a table in the back by the windows"
then I try to remember to turn the darn thing on
(if the battery isn't dead).

But it makes a dandy portable camera.


Gayle said...

I totally agree........people are so "plugged in" these days..

Annie Jeffries said...

I'm working hard and disconnecting myself from my phone. If I walk out without it, I don't regard it as a handicap; instead it's quiet time and no distractions. Learning to take time back isn't easy.