Haiku My Heart: Out on a Limb

out on a thin limb
crow scans Seattle's skyline
metal tree supports


Fearless crow! I wonder if he ended up spotting lunch or some glittery thing that grabbed his fancy?
Lea said…
I love this Meri! Crow does know how to go out on a limb... the sky is the limit for him!
Gillena Cox said…
Daring natural pursuits

Happy you dropped bh my blog today

Marit said…
What a lovely silhouet of the crow, marvelous pic and lovely haiku! Enjoy your weekend, hug from the Netherlands
rebecca said…
dear meri-you appear and warm my heart! thank you for feeling the urge to haiku and for your beautiful crow. you are a comfort and a smile across my face.
It looks almost like a living shadow against the steel-gray sky. Wonderful!

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