Friday, June 19, 2015

Things You Might Not Have Known

Some things you might not have known about me.

I'm more comfortable behind a lens than in front of it.

I'm not a big fan of yellow.
Give me a nice dose of Tiffany blue anytime.

Pastries and donuts aren't my thing,
and I'm not crazy about cakes or pies, either.
A good slice of cheesecake is a different thing.

I love peonies and sweet peas.

I'm a reading nut 
(and wondering where these books are. Probably still in a box.)

I love soft, gooey caramels.

Despite everything,
I still believe in love.


Alexa T said...

Wonderful thoughts! A sunny weekend!

~JarieLyn~ said...

Love this post. I like learning new things about the people who write the blogs I love/follow. Have a fabulous weekend.

ellen abbott said...

we have much in common...don't care for yellow all that much though I just painted the back bedroom yellow because it is has only one small window and is somewhat cut off from the rest of the house and I thought it would brighten it up and prefer blue. I don't care for cake or cookies but I do love pie, pastries it depends on what. I love sweet peas. And I do love to read.

e said...

Great post. I am an avid reader,and while I love sweets, I avoid them and would be more likely to go for quality dark chocolate. I am also more comfortable behind a camera and love nature. I found you because you left a comment on an old blog post years ago that came up when I checked what people are reading. I'm glad to see you still here. Nice post.